The DVD of 32A is now available for purchase.

London and Cork - 32A in festivals

We're screening 32A at the London Irish Film Festival in the Tricycle this week and the Cork Film Festival next week.

London - Saturday 5th at 15:00 in The Tricycle.

Cork - Friday 11th at 11.00 in Gate Cinema.

Marian will be attending the Cork screening and bookings can be made via the links above.

All Over

Checking lines with Ireland and NZ

One of our side projects is supporting the work of Ivan Robertson, a writer whose site we maintain and who comes up to record his great short stories for releasing via the web. Ivan also wrote and appeared in our short film, The Angelus. An old colleague of Ivan's, Joe Pignato, who teaches in the Music Department of SUNY Oneonta, responded to one of Ivan's short stories. He composed a special piece of music and then devised a really great event we were happy to participate in.

All Over centered around a performance of Joe's own composition to an audience in SUNY Oneonta. Beamed into the auditorium were live orchestrated performances from a dozen or so musicians from across the US, Israel, Canada, New Zealand all interspersed with live readings from Ivan here at Janey Pictures in Leitrim. The photograph above shows them setting up testing the connections to us and to New Zealand. It was a hectic 90 minutes or so here trying not to miss our cues and hearing what we could over the headphones. As soon as there's a link to video we'll post it up here. A great vision and huge ambition from Joe and we were happy it all came together.

32A Review in The Reel Bits

"Quinn effortlessly captures the in-between stage of adolescence, complete with awkwardness, uncertainty and more than a little angst. Both thoughtful and tender, as well as sweet and sincere, her film unravels as an intimate and personal journey through puberty."

A lovely review from Sarah Ward for The Reel Bits, Australia. 32A toured there representing Ireland as part of the Windows on Europe Festival.

Update: The link is down, Sarah has a new review site Play Slash Pause which she will be moving her reviews too, We’ll update the link when it’s available.

32A in New York - Irish Film NY


IRISH FILMS NEW YORK - 32A at Cantor FIlm Center, NYU, Sat 1st Oct

We're delighted to be back in New York to screen 32A. Both Director and Producer will be there and looking forward to the screening and Q&A. Lots of other great Irish films on that weekend so lots of reasons for people to come.

Saturday 1st October, 6.00PM
Cantor Film Center, NYU
36 East 8th Street
(East of University Place)

32A on the IFNY Festival Site
Purchase Tickets for 32A at IFNY
Show me the Cantor Film Center on a map

facebook_32  See the event on Facebook

South America - screenings in Argentina and Bolivia


Just a quick update on the latest tour of South America for 32A.

After screenings in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Asuncion, Paraguay in May, the film was shown in Bahia Blanca, Argentina at the end of July. We also screened in Rosario, Argentina: 13 August and in Salta, Argentina: between 9 and 19 August.

Upcoming screenings include:
- Córdoba, Argentina: 1-4 September
- Chaco, Argentina: during the months of October and November.
- 5 cities in Bolivia: between 10-24 November, more details as we get them.

All of which is fantastic and thanks to the Dept of Foreign Affairs and the Irish FIlm Institute in co-ordinating all of this. We get a lot of visitors from South America to our site and it's a pleasure to know how well the film is received there.

Nick Miller installation in Kilkenny

After a lovely install in Kilkenny, Nick Miller's short film "Painting Patrick: after Olympia and Venus' which we produced received a great review from the Sunday Times. There's a short clip showing the installation on our site too.


Flurry of Festivals coming up

Okay... a flurry of festivals are coming up.

For Valentines... straight after the IFTAs, (of which more anon...) the
Glasgow Film Festival on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th, which we will be attending.

Then all in and around St. Patrick’s Day

- New York at the
Craic Festival, on Friday 13th.

- San Francisco at the
Irish Film Festival,

- The
Women’s Film Festival in Vermont

We’re also screening in the
Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford as part of their Spring Season on Sunday 15th March.

Spring Festivals

Okay... a flurry of festivals are coming up.

For Valentines... straight after the IFTAs, (of which more anon...) the
Glasgow Film Festival on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th, which we will be attending.

Then all in and around St. Patrick’s Day

- New York at the
Craic Festival, on Friday 13th.

- San Francisco at the
Irish Film Festival,

- The
Women’s Film Festival in Vermont

We’re also screening in the
Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford as part of their Spring Season on Sunday 15th March.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Okay, it’s their 32nd festival but we own their ass....

Our first screenings in South America at it’s most prestigious film festival, the
Sao Paolo International Film Festival. To say ‘Wish we were there...’ doesn’t really begin to describe how we feel about it. Still three screenings next week and we’ll be lighting the old candles back here in wintry wet Leitrim.

Got to get one of
those posters.

Letting our freak flags fly...

Well it’s Stateside for a few weeks. We’re participating in four festivals in North America over the coming month.

First off is
Woodstock. Their festival has become something of an indie filmmaker haunt since the other two big festivals in the city got so... well... big. Marian certainly seemed to have a good time at the Q&A afterwards. The woman behind her is Martha Frankel, a founder of the Festival. In our first screening 32A played to a sold out crowd, garnering some postive blog reports instantly, including a nice review from Times Herald Record. Here’s a wee snippet-

“It’s a semi-autobiographical tale of growing up as a 13 year old girl in 1979 Ireland told simply and perfectly. There’s no bells and whistles here – just a little story told with extreme expertise and truly great performances from four first time actresses.”


There’s also
a lovely portrait of Gerry Leonard, our composer and friend, in the Poughkeepsie Journal, including an interesting video.

We’ve got another screening on Sunday in the Rosendale Theater, an old dame of a cinema, huge too. There’s only a few tickets left, so great to hear.

Three Continents...

Okay... a little dizzy hopping from coast to coast... but probably no more than usual. We’ve had two screenings in Seattle at the Seattle International Film Festival there.

This weekend we’re in
Newport, Rhode Island on the other side of the States. We will have some friends attending so looking forward to hearing what they thought. There’s a screening tonight and one on Sunday afternoon....

Meanwhile back in Europe... The
Emden Film Festival in Northern Germany is run by some very nice people indeed and they invited us over for their screenings of 32A. They have a screening tonight and on Saturday 7th June.

So a busy weekend for 32A. Co-incidentally Marian’s birthday is on the 6th so great to have her feature shown in two different continents at the same time...

Following on from all of this is a screening in Quebec in Canada at the prestigious
Tremblant Film Festival. Screenings will be on Thursday June 19th and Saturday June 21st.

And last but definitely not least, we have our debut in the Southern Hemisphere... We’re in the
Melbourne Film Festival in Australia... Screening on Thursday August 7th. They used 32A for the cover of their Next Gen brochure (thanks!) and wrote a neat two line summary of 32A which I think I’m going to use... where were they during all those pitches...

Mill Valley Film Festival

San Francisco... here we come! I get to travel over as well and finally visit a part of the world that’s always fascinated me. I’ll get to see an old College friend, John, who lives in Berkeley and Marian’s brother, Paul, will travel up from LA to meet us as well. Should be great.

Right over that there Golden Gate Bridge is Marin County and the
Mill Valley Film Festival where we’re screening no fewer than three times.

The Mill Valley people have been great to deal with and it’s kind of no surprise when you see that it originates out of the
California Film Institute. Much like our own Irish Film Institute, it does research, film curation and has a very active Education department, headed up by an Irish guy, John Morrison. Given that and the interest 32A might hold for a young audience, we’ve a screening with local film students first thing on Tuesday morning, with a Q&A with myself and Marian. We’re looking forward to it.

Then that’s followed by two screenings together with Q&As.

Tuesday 7th October, 7:15PM

Sunday 12th October, 12:45PM

Tickets can be booked at
(877) 874-MVFF or online using this ole’ link.

Festivals Update

Our prints are rather busy this month... And we're sadly spending more time on (the admittedly wonderful...) Google Earth than on an airplane but we are very happy to see our film being screened and out in the wiid.

Starting back in Germany with Britspotting, which does a three city tour of Germany: Berlin, Stuttgart and Cologne. I guess Paddyspotting might not be quite kosher but I'm tempted to propose they use it as an alternate title every other year.

The dates and times for
Berlin are set
Tue 15 April. • 20:15 • Berlin • Hackesche Höfe FT
Sat 12 April • 20:15 • Berlin • fsk-Kino am Oranienplatz

And the screenings for
Cologne will be during 24 - 27 April and Stuttgart during 1-7 May.

Also coming up next are the good people at Kristiansand in Norway, one of the largest film festivals for young people in Scandanavia where it's still snowing apparently.... They have two screenings of 32A as follows:

Tue 22 April • 16:30
Fri 25 April • 09:45

Sunnier, I bet... somehow... Their programme is not onlne yet but their dates are 24 April - 1 May.

New York CIFF

Photo: Steve McFarland via Flickr

The New York Children's International Film Festival exists to promote 'intelligent, passionate and provocative cinema' for young people and are including 32A in their upcoming programme, which is great. We're very happy to be screening back where our first draft of the script was developed and can't wait to see some old friends again.

Their full schedule is at their website.

For those of you in NYC, screening dates and venues are as follows:

Symphony Space, Sunday Mar 2nd at 11.00AM, Directions
IFC Center, Saturday March 8th at 11:30AM. Directions

Tickets are available via TicketWeb or the NYCIFF. They sell out fast according to the folks at the festival so get your skates on...

Dublin International Film Festival

Those of you waiting for a screening in Dublin, the good news is that the Festival have announced their schedule.

We're on Friday evening on the 22nd of February.

Book tickets for 32A here

Update: Sold out first day!

Berlinale '08

If 32A had a second home it would have to be Berlin, the home of our co-producer, Roshanak Behesht Nedjad of
Flying Moon Filmproduktion, as well as Rune Schweitzer, our editor and where we met Lars Ginzel, our sound designer and his team. It's always been a great city and festival from our point of view, we find it good to work there.

The wonderful news is that we have been selected for inclusion in the upcoming
Berlinale, one of the worlds leading film festivals, it's an honour and we're thrilled.

We've long enjoyed visiting Berlin and are looking forward to be going with one of our own features, it's a great city and the Berlinale is probably our favourite big festival... can't wait!

32A wins Best First Feature at Galway Film Fleadh

Marian on the right, with Aidan, her cousin Deirdre and Mom and Dad

Galway has always been very good to us... from pitching at the Fair to following through with financiers, it's been always felt like a home for 32A.

It was a really easy choice to launch the film there, and we couldn't have been happier with how it went. The audience was terrific and it was a thrill for us to see the film with so many people really going with it, the response really meant a lot to us.

The weekend couldn't have ended better with Marian collecting the Best First Feature Award, we're thrilled skinny!
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