Festivals Update

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Our prints are rather busy this month... And we're sadly spending more time on (the admittedly wonderful...) Google Earth than on an airplane but we are very happy to see our film being screened and out in the wiid.

Starting back in Germany with Britspotting, which does a three city tour of Germany: Berlin, Stuttgart and Cologne. I guess Paddyspotting might not be quite kosher but I'm tempted to propose they use it as an alternate title every other year.

The dates and times for
Berlin are set
Tue 15 April. • 20:15 • Berlin • Hackesche Höfe FT
Sat 12 April • 20:15 • Berlin • fsk-Kino am Oranienplatz

And the screenings for
Cologne will be during 24 - 27 April and Stuttgart during 1-7 May.

Also coming up next are the good people at Kristiansand in Norway, one of the largest film festivals for young people in Scandanavia where it's still snowing apparently.... They have two screenings of 32A as follows:

Tue 22 April • 16:30
Fri 25 April • 09:45

Sunnier, I bet... somehow... Their programme is not onlne yet but their dates are 24 April - 1 May.