Reviews in Germany


Well, we’ve gotten some excellent reviews in Germany thanks to the sterling efforts of our distributor Fugu Films and coproducer Flying Moon. Now the only English links below are the two ExBerliner magazine articles, but for the others we did a quick Google Translate and have pulled a quote or two out.

Thomas Vorwerk -
“A film by Marian Quinn, who also worked as an actress, sister of Aidan, but also aesthetically a revelation”

Hendrike Bake -
“a film for teenagers and adults: tender, wistful, funny, very close to the experiences and emotions of the girls”

Diego Hernandez - Exberliner 73, June 2009 (pdf, e)
“Unlike many others of its kind, this film actually manages to evoke the spirit of pre-teen girls as they discover the joys and frustrations of finding an identity” Also ExBerliner featured an interview with Marian - Exberliner 73 (pdf, engl)

Michael Pöppl -
Zitty 13 / 2009 (pdf)
“The film lives primarily from the naturalness of the group of girls, perfect acting.”

Thorsten Krüger -
Blickpunkt:Film (pdf)
“a gorgeous, half-autobiographical memory of youth”

Manfred Riepe -
epd Film (pdf)
“an atmospheric, lushly staged teenage comedy”